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Prof. António Marques Mendes

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  Born on May 1952  
Senior executive with 30+ years of experience in academia, banking, politics and consulting
  Nationality: Portuguese
  Professor of International Finance at the School of Economics - University of Coimbra, Portugal
  Founder of Marques Mendes & Associados Ltd
  1992-1998 – Senior Banker and Head  of Unit at the EBRD Banking Department, London
1985-1987 – Member of the European and Portuguese Parliaments
1985 - PhD in Economics, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
  1976 - Bsc in Economics from ISEG, Technical University, Lisbon


Catarina - Arminda - Ana Isabel - Miguel


  Business Interests
  Leverage and stock market investing   MM&A
  The role of Multilateral Development Banks    
  The lives of  W. S. Jevons and David Durand    
  Fallacies in economics and finance theory  


Lectures and Seminars at FEUC, APEU, SADIF Academy and on demand

  Other Interests
Introduction to International Finance, undergraduate 2011-12   Politics: Liberalism for the XXI Century
International Financial Management,EN-PT Postgraduate 2011-12   Antique book collector: Economics and Finance
Topics in Corporate Finance, EN-PT Postgraduate 2012-13   Popular Science: understanding time
Introduction to Investment Banking, undergraduate course   
Introduction to Financial Investments, Executive MBA  

Managing your Portfolio in a Bear (or Bull) Market, Executive Seminars,

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Como seleccionar as melhores empresas para investir na Bolsa, Executive seminar APEU

Supervision of Thesis and Dissertations

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Requests for supervision are welcome from students with top grades from any University. However, except under exceptional circumstances, for the time being I can only accept a small number of research students who are interested on research in the following topics:   Useful Spreadsheets and Calculators
Free Data Sources
What is a good business? (sample research proposal)   International Finance Resources
Drip investing strategies   Quiz Pages
Market timing   More
Global investing Research topics for TCF students 2010-2011:
"A Avaliação dos Sistemas de Notação de Risco" Does ownership influence stock market returns?
Risk arbitrage investing strategies Creative accounting and shareholder value
The use of equity research The business of investment banking in Portugal
  Compare recent acquisitions and divestures
  Survey the use of financial risk management instruments by non-financial companies in Portugal
  Design early warning signals for companies in need of financial restructuring
  Case studies on the bankers approach to turnaround financing in Portugal
  Ratings vs. Analysts Recommendations: Who is more reliable? 

Recently Published or Forthcoming

Six Steps for Successful Investing, Amazon Kindle Edition, 2007
The quest to justify a long lasting role for multilateral development banks (with Mihaela Meica), Amazon Kindle, 2006

O Estado da Ciência Económica: crise de crescimento ou declínio inexorável? Boletim de Ciências Económicas, Coimbra 2002

For a complete list of my publications click here

Recently read and highly recommended

  For those interested in the history of economic policy in Portugal the book of memories by Jacinto Nunes - Memórias Soltas (Wandering memories) is a compelling reading.

If you ever wondered why enlightenment is fading "How mumbo-jumbo conquered the world" by Francis Wheen, is a must read.
  For investors hoping for the so-called Greenspan put, Alan Greenspan memoirs "The Age of Turbulence", (published in Portuguese by Editorial Presença) is an interesting tale on financial crisis, optimism and central bankers naivety.

more readings ...