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Prof. António Marques Mendes: Recently read and highly recommended  

... more readings:

  For a synopsis of what great investors had to say about investing "The investor's anthology" by Charles  D. Ellis is a good start.
  To understand the danger of paranoid dictators and sleeping moles  "MAO the unkown story" by Jung Chang offers numerous hints.
  To know why 200 hundred years after the enlightenment some people are still killing in the name of religion Martin Gilbert's book "Letters to Auntie Fori" published in Portuguese by Alêtheia Editores com o título "Os 5000 anos de história e fé do povo Judeu" , gives a unique insight.
  Richard Dawkins's "The God Delusion", is probably the most compreheensive and best written case for atheism. Still, it fails to address why god, like money and weapons were created in most civilizations no matter how primitive.
  To realize the relative importance of fanaticism and the supremacy of weapons for conquering empires John Keegan's "A History of Warfare" (published in Portuguese by Tinta-da-China), provides an interesting read.
On the history of Portugal and Brazil the "Empire adrif - The Portuguese court in Rio de Janeiro 1808-1821" by Patrick Wilcken is a great book (published also in Poruguese by Civilização Editora)
To glimpse at life under the so-called peoples-democracy in China the novel  "To the Edge of the Sky" by Anhua Gao gives a moving account
For an overview of human life and 20th century history the novel "Any Human Heart" by William Boyd is a great read.
On growth and development my friend Tony Thirlwall, has just published the 8th edition of his Growth and Development, still my favorite textbook